Abella Eyewear

Have ever asked yourself how some influencer started getting goods for free?

Well with one of our instagram profile @lailagoumri we got the opportunity to start a little bit of Brand Ambassadoring with Abella Eyewear.


Everything always starts from social media, it depends on your followers and if small brands seem liking you, you’ll get your opportunity to get products for free and maybe to get paid!

Our instagram reached 4K followers lately and that seemed be the start for a little collaboration with some brands but today as we said let’s talk about Abella!

Abella Eyewear is an amazing brand that sells shade/ sunglasses, swimwear and we are so happy to share our expierce with them!

Do you want to know more about them?

Then keep reading!

Abella was founded in early 2018 after two friends found success in the bathing suit industry. With one partner in San Diego and the other in Toronto, they used their combined 18 years of internet marketing experience to bring swimwear, and eventually eyewear, to thousands of women all over North America. Within the first week, the brand became one of the 1% fastest growing brands in the world.

Abella now has 4 partners, and more than 4 full-time staff that keep the brand running. Although with no headquartered office, as of May 2018, all inventory is managed and distributed from Jacksonville, Florida.

Fashionzella got pairs of eyewear for free!!



What are you waiting for?

Use our promo code BFF275 and get 50% off of any of your purchases!

Fashionzella loves you,

see ya in the next article.


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