“Underwear for everybody”

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Tezenis winter is here!

Here is the concept of the new TEZENIS Fall Winter 2018-19 collection,inspired to the clture diverseties, it closes like this the Verona fashion show. Models with amazing bodies but Tezenis it didn’t stopto the perfect bodies it farther creating lingerie for every body shape. On the catwalk we noticed different styles, such as Bohemian, the Comspolita, some 60′ trends that we always like, besides this we still have the romantic but glam lingerie!

There were numerous guests at this event, italian music artists like Levante, Francesca Michelin, Emma Marrone and Annalisa. Let’s not forget about Bloggers and Influencers dancing and having fun thanks to DJ Paris Hilton!

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Ma è la nuova collezione ad essere la nuova protagonista, sintonie floreali e corsetti sensual, capi sportivi per mantenere il comfort, danno la totale idea di novità! Affrettatevi, siate i primi ad acquistare uno di questi bellissimi capi, e fateci sapere nei commenti cosa ne pensate!



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